Windows in the cloud a 1st class citizen

The perception is that running windows instances in the cloud is often as a second class citizen. This just not true. Both Opsocode and puppets lab have made great strides in  making their configuration management tools ‘windows friendly’  (Disclaimer:  I’ve used Chef with windows no actual experience with puppet). To add to this Amazon Web services introduced Cloudformation friendly windows  base AMI’s . The combination of these AMI’s with the more windows friendly configuration management tools means you can really treat windows as you would Linux instances and use the same tools to manage windows instances as you would Linux.

You can use PowerShell as you would normally so the learning curve isn’t as steep as you’d expect as a windows administrator.Go on give it a go.

If you have an estate that is made up of both windows and Linux  starting from a point where you can use the same tools to mange both environments makes life easy for your Operations/ DevOps or whatever label you place on the team that makes sure you have systems that are up and running each day.


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