Blathering on

Last night ( 8th Sept 2011) I had the privilege of being interviewed together with my ex colleague and good friend James  by Richard & Carl of  . NET Rocks!  to talk about DevOps, how we see it evolving , what we think it means , the effect it is having on the industry just for starters.   The fact this  is on  a show aimed at .NET developers is a statement in itself.

It’s  Due to be  broadcast on the 13th  September 2011.  It will be interesting to see what folks think as it’s not the usual type of subject covered. James & I are both passionate about the subject and  I  must confess I kept forgetting during the interview  that I wasn’t there just to listen to James,  but his eloquence about the subject with or without the DevOps label is always compelling . Please feel free to blame Howard of endjin for  suggesting letting  James & I loose on your ears though Smile

The interview is here:  .NET Rocks! Show 697


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