As a  Platform Architect I  bridge the gap between Infrastructure and Development. This means I get to support developers, implement the build processes , liaise with all parties  on platform related activities , take responsibility for deployment and generally have lots of fun while doing all this. I’ve been doing this for  far more years than I’d like to recall but apparently a  large chunk of what I’ve been doing all these years is called DevOps! A few explantions I like of  of what DevOps actually means can be found at the   Grok and Roll and blogs. Beyond the Devops type thing I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with Public cloud solutions.  I decided that this blog would be the best place to gather my rather longer ramblings on these areas. I have a work blog here which covers a wider range of topics and I will carry on making the occasional post there . For my shorter thoughts on what’s happening in he cloud  market place I contribute comments to Cloud Comments .net . So  I’d just like to say hello and hope you’ll find some nuggets of interest over the coming months.




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